Decking, Fences, Retaining Walls & Wooden Structures

Decking, Fences, Retaining Walls & Wooden Structures

Most outdoor spaces take advantage of the beauty of wooden structures. You may wish to enhance your living area by adding a deck or pergola, tidy up the area with new fencing and trellis, or simply add some retaining walls or raised gardens. Whatever your need, Willow Landscapes have all the construction expertise and tradesmen to landscape the outside of your home.

Willow Landscapes provides professional outdoor building and renovation services. When it comes to outdoor structures, we have top level professional tradesmen and experts to ensure your job is completed to the highest of standards.


Wood is a wonderful choice for creating a warm and practical garden space, decking is a cost effective solution where a house is elevated or inclined however on all sections it allows for seamless indoor outdoor flow..


A fence brings security to your outdoor space and ensures that a clearly defined boundary is present. A Willow Landscape fence will frame your garden creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance that is also a reflection of your individual personality.

Retaining walls and raised planters

Willow Landscapes construct strong and sturdy retaining walls to flatten your landscape making it a more user friendly space. Raised planters whether they be block or timber can add height variation to your landscape, alternatively they can be used to separate garden spaces making for a more private and pleasing patio area.


Pergolas can be used as an extension of a building or as a formal walkway between different areas of your garden, they look great with woody vines growing up them or left with the clean timber finish. Either way we have the expertise to be able to build you a pergola that will admired for years to come.

Garden Maintenance

If your selling your property why not get the team at Willow Landscapes in to give your garden a quick lift before your open home day; a neat and tidy landscaped garden can make the difference between hitting or passing your reserve price come auction day. We are also available to provide ongoing garden maintenance and planting advice for your section and climate which can be greatly varied throughout Christchurch.